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128th brigade in faces #81: Vladyslav, call sign "Bumblebee", combat medic

"The worst thing during the battle is tank's direct fire, few people can survive..."

- I am from Vinnytsia, a programmer by education, and before the war I worked for Ukrzaliznytsia. After the invasion of the russians, I went to the Military Commissariat and asked to go to the front. During my trainings I completed medical courses and became a combat medic.

In total, I conducted about a hundred evacuations of the wounded. I will not say more precisely, because I have never counted.

The most difficult time was in Bakhmut - then in one day we had to evacuate 11 wounded, another soldier died as a result of shelling.

In Donetsk region, we worked together with the 93rd brigade. So I helped everyone without asking who was from where. It was possible to evacuate the wounded only in the evening, so the guys who were wounded in the morning or at lunch stayed with me all the time. In the evening, those who could not walk were put on stretchers and carried to the river crossing. From there, they were picked up by a car and taken to a medical center or hospital.

The wounded always met me with ease - they understood that now they would be helped and stabilized, regardless of the severity of the injury. I had a guy with three shrapnel wounds in his neck. These are very serious wounds, but he is all right now. Another fighter was too close to the place where a rocket from the "Grad" hit, and received about a hundred small fragments - in the face, side, legs, arms. He survived because of his bulletproof vest.

- We are so used to our medic that as soon as someone is injured, we immediately hear the cry: "Bumblebee! Call me Bumblebee!” Vladyslav's friend joins the conversation. - Regardless of whether one of our brigade is wounded or not. By the way, the 93rd really wanted to take "Bumblebee" for herself, but we did not give him. He also saved the company commander after being wounded - he ran, quickly provided help, and evacuated him in the evening. When necessary, he runs into trenches, dugouts. And then he returns with the wounded, often under fire...

- The worst thing during the battle is tank's direct fire, - continues "Bumblebee". - Soldiers die immediately from it, few people can survive.

Although our unit soldiers survived these kind of attack. And the most serious wounds from the 120th mortar, they are very serious. But all the boys I helped survived!

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