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128 brigade in the faces #57, Bohdan, gunner, soldier

"The Russians were clearly surrounded in battle, under the influence of some drugs..."

- Previously, I was a soldier of another mountain assault brigade, but the service there did not go very well. So on the advice of a friend, I transferred to the 128th. I have been here for a year and a half and I can see that I did the right thing, I am completely satisfied.

I have been fighting since the very beginning of the invasion of Russia, since February 24. In the first days, our unit came under artillery fire, and then direct clashes began.

I remember my first fight. We were waiting for the enemy column, and here in front of us, their intelligence took off on a passenger car and began to deploy an AGL (automatic grenade launcher). It was less than two hundred meters from our point and we immediately opened fire. They started shooting back. And what impressed me the most is when you see how you hit a two-meter-tall ambal with a machine gun, and your comrades also hit him, actually turning him into a sieve, and he continues to fight and falls bleeding only two minutes later. Then I also saw very strange behavior of the Russians. At one point we ceased fire to let them take the dead and wounded troops. They drove some kind of tractor, but they walked around the field like sleepy flies - very lethargic, as if they did not understand what they were doing. They were clearly high by something, under some drugs, just like that two-meter ambal.

Then, in the first battle, I was wounded. The enemy bullet ricocheted off the BMP and flew into the thigh. Fortunately, the artery was not affected. I fired a few more shots at the Russians, and then retreated to the shelter, where I have been put on a tourniquet and been evacuated to the medical center.

Was there a psychological barrier before shooting at the enemy? This is war - there is no time for philosophizing. Either you will kill or you will be killed. And if he get you, then he will be able to get your friends too. Therefore, no barriers and no regrets.

At home, in the Ternopil region, my relatives and friends, whom I love very much, are they are waiting for me. Relatives in the rear provide motivation here, and on the other hand, they prevent me from unnecessary heroism on the front. They are waiting for me at home, I remember it!

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