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128 brigade in faces #80: Andrii, call sign "Kopyo" (Spear), scout fighter

"During the war, I learned one rule: if you want to live you must study"

- Previously, I had no combat experience at all, I worked as an engineer in Uzhhorod. On February 28, I left everything and went to the Military Commissariat. Why? Because I think that at such time everyone should defend our country. I know that not everyone did this, but it's their problem what they will tell their children where they were during the war.

At first, I thought about going to the territorial defense unit, but an officer at the military commissariat said: "If you want to get a real fight, and not to idle on place, go to a combat unit." That's how I got into the 128th mountain assault brigade.

During the war, I learned one rule: if you want to live you must study. If you work on yourself, then there is a chance to survive, and if you start to do nothing and think that everything will be fine, then you will be packed in a black bag... And a lot depends on luck. You can be a super specialist, but if you get hit by an airstrike or fall asleep in a dugout, it won't help you...

The first time I could be killed was at the end of March, when I was running to a position with ammunition. It was like a survival game. Since then, I been in real battles many times, came under airstrikes and artillery fire. He shot from a "partisan" (a single "Grad"), was involved in evacuating the wounded.

In Donetsk region, our unit encountered the "Wagners". These were specialists - each has at least 12 stores, the group has a "Pokemon" (a modernized Kalashnikov machine gun), a "radio" and a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher. They fight in groups of ten, six, two. They advance and take a position, and if they are not touched, others pull up. In the city, they can sneak up without automatic weapons and throw grenades at our positions. And they can send "meat" ahead of them - 10 or 20 people - and then send in specialists. They do not feel sorry for people, but they act professionally.

Last year, I seriously injured my leg, went to the hospital, and then went to rehab at home. I sometimes went out into the city and saw a bunch of healthy young people from Donetsk and other eastern regions who had fled the war. I will say that at first I wanted to shoot them. How so - you are fighting in their area, and they are resting. But then it gave way.

What will I do after the war? I don't know yet, I'm not looking that far. First you have to survive and win, and then you will see...

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