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128 brigade in faces #79: Denis, call sign "Kamaz", officer

"During the close fights, the Russians were 15-20 meters away and threw grenades at us..."

- I was born in Russia, but I have been living in Ukraine for many years. Therefore, with the beginning of a full-scale invasion, I decided that my place here was to defend my country. I graduated from a military institute and served in the army, but after some time switched to civilian work in the IT field.

After formation, our unit underwent several months of serious training, so the guys were prepared and united. It helped a lot during our first battles in the Kherson region. In Donetsk region, near Bakhmut, it was more difficult - many wounded, mainly from mortar, artillery and tank fire. But the boys held very good. We destroy many tanks there.

Somehow the enemy managed to capture our positions. We recived an order to return those positions, so we gathered an assault group of 12 fighters and rushed forward. Near the trenches, a close fight started, the Russians were 15-20 meters away and started throwing grenades. I dodged a couple of grenades, but one hit me. I heard behind me how the fuze went off, I ducked, but a couple of shrapnel hit me. Fortunately, it was an offensive RGD-5 with small fragments, and not a defensive F-1, which would have "torn" me much more. I don't count the concussion, it's a normal, everyday phenomenon here. We then knocked out the Russians and regained our positions. And I spent a month in the hospital after being wounded. Now we are back in the formation, new guys have arrived, we are training, we are coordinating in order to be united and act in battle as a single unit.

We have to end this war - that's the most important thing. And then there will be a normal, civilian life.

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