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128 brigade in the faces of # 56, Peter, corporal

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

"You understand very quickly here - either you kill or you will be killed..."

- In 2021, I completed my first military service, resigned in November and planned to sign a contract with the Armed Forces after a short rest. But I didn't succeed with it - in less than three months, a full-scale war began. I immediately went to the military commissariat, and since I'm from Western Ukraine (Chernivtsi), I got into the 128th brigade.

I can say that war and military service are completely different things. People die here and you understand very quickly - either you kill or you will be killed. But the military service came in very handy, I didn't have to be taught elementary things, on the contrary, I instructed the soldiers on tactical and fire training.

We were standing in the middle of a field in front of populated areas, we were often fired upon from MRL, tanks, and russian air froces. They will take off from behind the landing, shoot the ammunition and immediately hide. They acted cunningly, did not fly within the range of our anti-aircraft missile systems. When I shouted: "Air!", we all fall into the trench, hide in the dugout. And after a minute we are ready for battle again. It also happened that the Russians acted very primitively - a group of 10-15 people crawled towards us on a minefield and began blowing up on mines. Our machine gunners finished them off. Senseless losses but I don't feel sorry for them at all.

We spent the night in dugouts, sometimes even in booletproof vest, because we were often fired upon at night. But it's okay, I want my family and friends to live in a free country, on a free land, in a normal envirement. And ready to endure anything for this!

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